Researcher, Data Scientist and Entrepreneur

Ricardo Cappra


I am a data scientist.
I like to research, experiment, analyze and create things. I have already created theories, methods, projects, products, data science teams, and have formed and launched companies.


I research the impact of data on society and business, and share my discoveries and learnings.


I create methods to simplify data science and accelerate analytical culture.


I develop projects, teams and businesses to support analytical evolution.

I have studied many different things throughout my life, but always found something in common between them: technology - more specifically information technology. I'm a programmer, but I've always been very curious about science and data. Recently, a name came up for the work I do, it's called Data Science. I was interviewed by CBN and I talked about it. Listen to the podcast here.

I believe data can be a powerful source. I work to democratize this valuable resource, through scientific development and the dissemination of analytical culture.

Understanding -
and explaining - the impact of the data


I research the "big data effect" and how it is affecting everything and everyone. I study the information technology that is causing a lot of social and economic impact in the world; the speed of information, the people that are generating data everywhere, the companies monetizing data, the privacy of users, the new jobs that are created because of the volume of data, the risk of excessive consumption of information, and the result of analytical efficiency in business.  

I have a blog about all of the things that I'm currently studying, thinking and discovering.  I really enjoy writing, so I keep my blog updated with all the latest news.

In this link you can find some articles and interviews about my work.

I also like to share my studies in keynotes and workshops.  You can watch some of these videos on the internet. I also have a channel on youtube, but it is available right here.

If the present is digital, the future will inevitably become more and more analytical.

Helping to create
analytical culture

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At Cappra Institute for Data Science, I lead a team of researchers and scientists that are spread all around the world. Our mission is to shape the analytical future.

Our research team works to understand, and explain, the impact of data on society and business, and from there, create methods to accelerate analytical development.

These methods are developed in our laboratories and simplify the use of data science to accelerate the implementation of analytical culture in organizations.

Our consulting team helps important companies (World Bank, Rede Globo, Unilever, Gerdau, Grupo Fleury, Santander, Ambev, UOL, ...) and their leaders, to create data driven strategies, areas, people and processes.

Our job is to torture the data until it confesses something important.

Preparing the next
analytical generation


I created an international institute, independently and privately, with the mission of potentializing the analytical development of society and organizations.

Prepare people and businesses to live better in an increasingly analytical future.

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